Unveiling SorareData’s next chapter

When I started building SorareData back in early 2020, I had no idea I would embark on such a journey. From helping a few players trying to figure out a completely new game and ecosystem to being used by thousands every day to improve their Sorare experience, I never imagined this would drive me to this day.

I am extremely proud to announce that Seedcamp, Sorare, Kima Ventures, Cygni Labs and business angels are joining this amazing adventure by investing $700k in SorareData’s pre-seed round.

This will enable me to finally go full-time on the project and build a team of passionate & talented engineers and designers to grow and improve SorareData while making it accessible for the thousands of new users arriving to Sorare each week. If you’re willing to craft SorareData’s future, please send me an email and check our open positions here.

While we always will be on Sorare players’ side with SorareData, we’re also excited to explore new possibilities for companion apps for other play-to-earn games to make players successful wherever they play.

On this special day, there are so many individuals that I want to thank but the ones that matter the most are you, SorareData users. Thanks to your passion for the game, dedication to the ecosystem and eagerness to improve the platform constantly, we drove SD together to this new chapter and I’m forever grateful for your support and kindness towards SD.

To the many donors, thank you for making this possible. Without your financial support, I probably would not have been able to go this far. As SD evolves, you will not be forgotten and I’m going to make sure you’re rewarded for your implication. As SorareData is now financed by incredible companies and people, we will not solicit donations anymore.

As for the next steps for the product, possibilities are endless. We’ll always keep one thing in mind when building new features though: making sure we make your Sorare experience easier and better.

To begin with, we will release very soon a mobile application focused on your live and market experience. We’re also very excited to explore more decision tools to help you build your lineups accurately every gameweek. We also look forward to translating the website to make it easier for non-English speaking users.

More than ever, you will be involved in SorareData’s future as we look forward to introducing more tools giving you the ability to vote on the upcoming features and send us feedback easily.

I’ll be speaking with some of your favorite content creators over the next days to answer your questions and I’m very excited for the road ahead.

Once again, thank you for being such an amazing community. If you want to join the adventure of growing and building the company, check out the current openings and send us an email!

Thanks again for making this journey thrilling to live,

SorareData Founder

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