Introducing the new SorareData mobile app

We are extremely excited to announce that the new SorareData mobile app is officially available for iOS and Android devices! Sorare managers can now follow their lineups like never before, with real-time stats and notifications available for every match in every gameweek.


What does the app do?

The app includes four sections: Games, Lineups, Rankings, and Players.

The Games tab shows scores for all matches in every gameweek, with a number of filters that can show only live and upcoming matches, those with players from your gallery or only those with players in active SO5 lineups. Additionally, each match with gallery players will show their corresponding SO5 scores, and a simple click on the player will show their detailed statistical breakdown. Users can also click through on the match score to see fantasy-point totals for every player in any game.

The Lineups tab shows all of your SO5 lineups for the gameweek and a summary of rewards to be won. Each lineup indicates how many fantasy points it has scored, where it is in the standings, what possible rank it could finish, what tier of card it is eligible to win based on current standings, and how many points are needed for a better reward. Users can also search for a different Sorare manager and see all the same details.

The Rankings tab shows live standings for all SO5 competitions, and you can expand the standings to see exactly which players were used in each lineup. Additionally, you can filter to see only unfinished lineups to check on who might catch up to you.

The Players tab shows fantasy-point scores for all of your gallery players in one place, with the ability to filter by position or league, and you can see which of your high-scoring players you may have left out of SO5 lineups.

What about notifications?

There are a number of notifications available, including when starting lineups are released, any time one of your gallery players has a decisive action, and when matches begin or end. And, thanks to our recent partnership with Opta, these notifications are delivered in real-time, so you’re always on top of the action.

Will we be able to see auctions or the secondary market?

We thought it was important to focus the first version of the app on the SO5 gameweek experience, helping to make Sorare more fun than ever before. We definitely have plans to enhance what is available, so stay tuned for much more!

Check out our YouTube announcement to see the mobile app in full action:

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