Everything you need to know about SorareData Leagues

Ranks are now based on Elo

Every manager now has an Elo ranking. Elo is widely used for matchmaking purposes, with Chess rankings as the most famous example. Based on your past performances, every manager gets a number between 0 and infinite (but currently around 2300).

  • Beginner: 0–1100
  • Amateur: 1100–1400
  • Semi-pro: 1400–1700
  • Pro: 1700–2000
  • World class: 2000+

Matchmaking is now Elo-based

Random pairing is over! You will now be matched with a manager in your Elo range. That way, no more fights between the first manager of an Elo range and the last.

Ranks still define the rewards you’re eligible for

At least 78 rewards are still up for grabs thanks to Sorare (we love you guys) for this current season. A SD Leagues season lasts 6 gameweeks. The second season should end with GW 170. We do not plan to introduce midweek playing as it would be too hard for managers to play 15 cards during midweek gameweeks.

  • Half of your ranking towards rewards will be based on your Elo progression during the season
  • Half of your ranking towards rewards will be based on your lineups points scored during the season
  • You will be ranked with players that were from your rank at the start of the season (if you were ranked as a Pro manager to start the season and end up as a Semi-Pro manager, you’ll only be eligible for Pro rewards this season)
  • World Class: top 14
  • Pro: top 10
  • Semi-pro: top 12
  • Amateur: top 20
  • Beginner: top 18
  • Placement: top 3

Not playing will get you back in placement

We want to reward managers who play, not those who pick their gameweeks. We want to reward dedication: this season, every manager that is not playing more than 2 games during the season will be going back to placement rank with an Elo reset. That way, we ensure the best possible matchmaking possible for everyone.


We think it’s pretty clear. Every decision in SD leagues matters. Every player lined up. Every sub carefully planned. Every decimal point scored counts towards a hard-earned reward. Win games, win them well and you’ll be crowned.



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